Pesky potholes

We had an absolutely epic response to our recent story on potholes.

You sent in your photographs and pointed us in the right direction as to where the really nasty ones are.

There really is nothing more infuriating than driving along a road that has a similar surface to the moon.

Nothing makes me cringe more than that sound when your wheel has just gone in one.

I actually have a face I automatically pull when I know I am away to drive through an unavoidable one.

Last week I cracked my windscreen in one! Raging!

I was shocked to learn that it is not just our roads that are crumbling but that the pavements are also deteriorating in places, too.

Whether you are on foot, car or bike you have to have your wits about you in order to stay safe.

The other morning I witnessed a car swerve last minute to avoid a pothole - he nearly ended up in a wall.

The roads, as I’m sure they are in many other places, are a real cause for concern in the area.

If you notice any fresh potholes appearing or if you think we missed any then please get in touch.

You can e-mail us via or call the office on 01674 672605.

In the meantime, drive safely and beware of those pesky potholes.