Pet hair is such a ‘mare!

I have a very, very large Maine Coon cat called Kevin and his fur is getting everywhere at the moment.

To make matters worse, he is a gingery-blonde colour (the posh name is red) so I have had to purchase lots of light coloured clothes.

My other cat, Koko, is now three months old and I am convinced she hasn’t grown in around a fortnight but her fur is also everywhere.

In a few weeks time my Pug (appropriately named Dug) will become part of the family.

I have just discovered that Pugs shed. A lot.

My Pug will be fawn (beige with a black head) so, will match Kevin in a sense.

The animal fur at the moment seems to be following me around everywhere because my desk chair at work has the odd strand and so does my car.

The rug at home is covered in ‘Kevin’ although it is hoovered every couple of days.

My mother taught me the tip that a rubber washing-up glove, or Marigold, works wonders to remove pet hair from clothes.

But I think I’ll just get hairless pets from now on!

Either that or I start making some weird Kevin and Koko rugs...