Petition against legal highs in Angus launched

Many people have already signed the petition
Many people have already signed the petition

Councillor David May, who has been very actively campaigning against legal highs, across Angus and in the country as a whole fully supports the Montrose and Forfar against Legal Highs campaigns.

Councillor May and local activist Sanjay Samani have now launched a petition to get the sale of the drugs stopped.

The petition calls on the owners of the shops in Montrose, and the proposed new shop in Forfar, not to sell New Psychoactive Substances, so-called Legal Highs with immediate effect and calls on people in Angus to sign the petition online by clicking here.

Councillor May commented: “I will send anyone who contacts me a copy of the petition so that they can collect signatures. This can be done via Facebook, or e-mail me at”

Sanjay Samani, who devised the petition said: “There is no legitimate use of these products, which is why the UK Government has indicated that they will be banned in future.

“The owners should stop exploiting the vulnerable and stop selling them immediately.”

Councillor May added: “It is clear that these products are not safe and have led to deaths as well as real long-term health problems for so many people.”

The campaign has stepped up a gear with the petition now being available in local shops. Mr May says this is “so that people in Montrose can sign to show their support to get the shop closed”.

People in the town can sign the petition in Robert Ritchie Hi-Fi in Murray Street, Henry Hoggs on the HIgh Street and Mums of Montrose on Castle Place.

Sanjay Samani and Councillor May have also commented that they will also supply any other shop or local business with the petition who wishes one.

They can be contacted by e-mailing or or by ‘phoning 01674830673. They will deliver the forms.