Petition to ‘save Montrose from the waves’

An online petition to 'save Montrose from the waves' has been set up
An online petition to 'save Montrose from the waves' has been set up

A Montrose man has set up a petition, aimed at First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, to protect the town from coastal erosion.

Douglas Smith has set up an online petition entitled ‘Save Montrose from the waves’.

The petition is aimed at First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

The petition is aimed at First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

The target number of signatures is set at 1000, after which it will be sent to Ms Sturgeon, and currently it has received more than 250.

Mr Smith said: “I am concerned that in spite of several groups engaging with the council over a period of many years, the plan to protect Montrose, its golf course, the Links and the town itself is insufficient.

“My purpose is not to start a crusade, or to undermine the work of other groups, my purpose in starting the petition is to ensure that those who wish to protect Montrose have a place to physically register their wishes.

“If the people of Montrose and beyond do not wish to protect the golf course, the Links and Montrose itself from further erosion then that is worth noting also.

“Our local and national politicians need to hear the true opinions of the population.

“There is no medium for this and I hope the petition I have begun will assist.

“If the people of Montrose really want something done then they need to be involved.”

In 2004 Angus Council, in partnership with HR Wallingford, completed its first Shoreline Management Plan (SMP1) for the Angus coastline. The Angus SMP has been reviewed by Halcrow Group Ltd this year who produced a revised plan (SMP2).

Mr Smith claims the SMP2 report is “misleading”.

The report states: “The long term plan for the frontage north of Montrose Golf Links is to allow natural processes to continue unhindered, where the naturally evolving dune and beach system will continue to provide the natural coastal defence.”

Mr Smith claims this “effectively means no artificial or man-made defences will be installed or even conceived”.

He continued: “This is highly misleading as it is clear the dune system is not ‘evolving’, which implies positive change, but is in fact disintegrating.

“Montrose is in real danger of being divided by the sea sooner rather than later.”

An Angus Council spokesman said: “The natural coastal defence afforded by dune and beach systems is considered to be the best long term plan for managing our coastline.

“At the same time, we are seeking to manage the existing man-made defences in Montrose Bay.

“For example, we are working in partnership with Montrose Golf Links Ltd on proposals to manage the transition zone from Traill Drive defences to the natural dune system along the Montrose Golf Links.”

The petition can be found at: