Pictish Arts The second lecture in the 2014/2015 season of the Pictish Arts Society will be given at Pictavia, near Brechin, by Dr Clare Ellis on Friday, October 17. The title is Early Historic Baliscate, Isle of Mull: the archaeological evidence for a monastic establishment. Dr Ellis will look at the archaeological evidence for

existence of an Early Historic period monastery at Baliscate, near Tobermory, Isle of Mull. The talk will explore the various archaeological elements that indicate that Baliscate may have been a monastic establishment as opposed to a native field cemetery and settlement. The archaeological evidence for the site’s continued religious function into the Early Medieval and Norse period will be presented. Finally, the archaeology of the Medieval period will be discussed; was the site still used as a Christian place of worship or was it now just a farmstead?

Dr Ellis has run Argyll Archaeology, a small commercial archaeology unit, for the last 11 years. Before that she worked for many years for an archaeology unit in Edinburgh. She undertook her Ph.D. in Leicester and before that did her undergraduate degree at