Piling agony for neighbours

A NUMBER of readers have contacted the Review, in person and via Facebook, about loud, pile-driving noises from the vicinity of the grain store on the South Quay of the Port of Montrose.

For example, one gentleman told us that the thumping happens seven days a week, and has been going on for three weeks.

He added that whilst it starts no earlier than 8am on weekdays, last Sunday the noise began at 7.45. It can continue until 7pm, and is louder in his house than outside it.

He expressed surprise that there are apparently no restrictions on the hours during which this can take place.

Trudy Murray posted on Montrose Review’s Facebook Wall: “Anyone know where we should make a complaint about the banging at the docks at 7am on a Sunday morning?”

Rudi Wyper commented he could hear it from Christie’s Lane.

Victoria Herron said she could hear it from Bents Road, and Wilma Church said it had woken her.

It has been conceded, however, that the noise is not as bad as it was a year ago, when the first grain store was being built and the South Quay was being rebuilt.

Chief executive of the Port Authority John Paterson told the Review that the work is being done by Angus Cereals, as phase two of their grain storage facilities.

And Bruce Ferguson, of Aberdeen Grain at Newmacher, who is overseeing the project, assured our sleepless readers that the pile-driving should be finished by tomorrow (Thursday).

He told us that he had spoken to some of the residents at the weekend and received their comments.

The new store will have one full-time employee and several casual workers during busy periods.

The company is delighted with the success of phase one of their venture, both in terms of the location and the volume of business.

We asked Mr Ferguson about a possible phase three in the future, and he said that is certainly being considered, although it would not be before 2014.