Plans for 450th well under way

MONTROSE golf links’ 450th anniversary is a unique opportunity to market the whole town and district, Councillor David May has said.

A programme of events, ranging from an exhibition in Montrose Museum to special competitions, has been organised between March and October, concentrating on the golfing season to mark the historic milestone in the town’s golfing life.

Councillor May, who heads the 450th committee, and local golf professional Jason Boyd revealed plans for this year’s celebrations to Montrose Together at its meeting on Monday.

Golf was first recorded as being played in Montrose in 1562 and the renowned links course is the fifth oldest in the world.

Councillor May said marketing for the anniversary has already begun mainly through the local and golfing press as well as presentations to potential sponsors, but there are hopes the event can be associated with major golf tournaments across the country during the summer.

He said: “We’re trying to attract more and more people to come to Montrose to play golf and experience the challenges and interest of the links course.

“But as well as attracting people to play golf we want to say there’s a lot happening in Montrose and Angus generally.

“We have a unique selling point here in our golf links and it will be a great boost to our local economy and a great way to promote what else we have in the town and Angus.”