Playgroup closes due to lack of funding

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THE BORROWFIELD community has suffered the loss of its playgroup which has closed its doors for the final time.

Lack of funding for the playgroup, which has been open for 30 years, has meant that it can no longer be open to the 19 children that currently attend every weekday.

Deputy playleader Donna Taylor said: “The closure of this playgroup has been a huge loss to the community.”

The playgroup, which met in Borrowfield Primary School, relied entirely on fund-raising from parents and chairwoman Kim Fyvie said the group has been facing difficulties for some time.

She said: “We’ve struggled for the last few years but always managed to pull it back. I’m really sad it has come to this but myself and Donna have tried as much as we can but it’s out of our hands now.”

The playgroup closed on Thursday and the children were aware that it was their last day, Kim’s son also attended the nursery.

She said: “Kodie who is three knows this is his last day and he has picked up that something is wrong.”

Donna added that the children will miss their daily visits.

She said: “Routine is great for the children’s behaviour and development. Take that away from them and it can make them feel very lost.”

The fee for attending the nursery was £4.25 a day but there has been very little additional contribution from parents which has put a strain on funds, leading to its closure.

Kim said: “I think it is a very reasonable amount for a session and the lack of support from parents has meant we can no longer operate. It’s a sad loss.”