Police execute 12 warrants in 24 hours in Angus

Officers have been executing a number of outstanding warrants in the Angus area as part of Project Ajax - a new campaign aimed at targeting violent individuals and stopping any violence before it starts.

Over the past 24 hours, officers dealt with 12 warrants, for offences including breach of bail, theft, assault and drug crimes.

In addition to executing warrants on a daily basis, Police Scotland will be conducting high visibility patrols in areas that have seen issues with anti-social behaviour and violence.

Sergeant Grace Morrison, whose Community Investigation Unit team are leading on Project Ajax, said: “We are continuing to actively pursue offenders and ensure that further offences are not committed by these individuals.

“Police Scotland does not tolerate violence in any shape or form and we are determined to target any such behaviour, so that local residents remain proud to call Angus their home.”