Angus Council elections on May 3 - the candidates speak

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IF ELECTED I will work with councillors from all parties to ensure that you get fair representation. My promise is to be a hard-working councillor who will listen to your concerns and try to resolve them. I want to make Montrose a town we can all be proud of! This can be achieved with:

Improvements to the town centre to encourage businesses to come to Montrose which benefits locals and tourists.

The Harbour continuing to thrive and becoming a key player in the renewable sector for offshore windfarms.

Reducing anti-social driving by introducing more traffic calming measures and encouraging the Police to enforce 20mph speed limits around schools.

A solution to coastal erosion which is threatening our beach and the World’s 5th oldest golf course.

We need more deterrents to improve the dog fouling problem and seagull issue.



Better lighting in our parks and making them more child friendly. The West End Park, for example, is potentially dangerous place at night.

A cost effective way of preventing illegal traveller encampments on common land. I noticed a large number of caravans appeared on the East Links again.

New council housing to be built, continuing the good work of the Angus Alliance.

Improved quality roads there is an improved budget this year for road repairs.

Councillor Mark Salmond, who is seeking re-election on May 3.'Contributed photo

Councillor Mark Salmond, who is seeking re-election on May 3.'Contributed photo

If you have any other issues, please bring them to my attention and I will try to resolve them. My goal is to see improvements to Montrose and give us a town we can be proud of.