Challenge for ministers on A90

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LOCAL councillor David May has called on the area’s MSP to tackle government ministers in the Scottish Parliament regarding grade separation for the A90 junction at Laurencekirk.

Both Councillor May and MSP Nigel Don support the local campaign to upgrade the dual carriageway’s junction with the A937 but a question mark hangs over who should pay for project if it were to go ahead. Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government’s national transport agency, thinks that developers building at Laurencekirk should pay, while Mr Don has pointed out that housebuilding will be hampered without an improved junction.

Councillor May, meanwhile, has said that the Scottish Government could allocate funding for a grade separation scheme from an extra £394 million of capital funding from the UK Government.

He said: “In the view of many people if a fly-over could be built for a garden centre between Dundee and Perth on the A90 then surely Laurencekirk has a very strong case. Furthermore, the Scottish Government has recently announced plans for A9 dualling between Perth and Inverness which have included grade separated junctions throughout. If they can do that on the A9 they can do it on the A90.

“Mr Don, at a hustings meeting in the Scottish election, made the comment which I agree with, that government spending is all to do with the politicians identifying the priorities. So why is the Laurencekirk Junction not a priority for the SNP Scottish Government?

“I agree with Mr Don that no one wishes to take responsibility for paying for it. Therefore, the buck now stops with the Scottish Government I therefore, call on Nigel Don to put this to the Transport Minister or the Finance Minster in the Scottish Parliament.”