Citizens’ Survey now under way across Angus

THE BIENNIAL Angus Citizens’ Survey has just started.

The company Research Resource is contacting around 1,500 people across all eight of Angus Council’s wards, gathering opinions and views from residents on life in the county.

The 2009 survey showed a positive picture of life in Angus with 93 per cent of people stating that they were either ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ satisfied with the quality of life in Angus.

Areas that received positive ratings included the following: satisfaction with neighbourhoods and services; ease of access to facilities and services and satisfaction with the environment.

Less positive were included: drug problems in neighbourhoods; satisfaction with provision of and access to local youth facilities; anti-social behaviour; and the extent to which respondents believe they have some degree of influence over decisions which affect their neighbourhood.

The survey was also designed to establish views in regard to Angus Council. Again, overall, there were high levels of satisfaction with over seven out of 10 people agreeing that the council offers a good range of services.

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