Coalition’s £31m nuclear subsidy

LOCAL MP Mike Weir says £31 million public funding for nuclear energy projects has shattered Westminster’s no nuclear subsidy promise, and demonstrated that the Westminster Government simply cannot keep its word.

LibDem Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced a £31 million handout for companies involved in the nuclear energy industry, despite the coalition agreement promise that there would be ‘no public subsidy’ for new nuclear energy.

Mr Weir said: “This funding announcement breaks the Westminster Government’s promise and completely undermines the credibility of Vince Cable and the Lib Dems.

“A recent poll showed that a majority of people in Scotland are opposed to new nuclear energy. There is no justification for Westminster to be wasting public money.

“Nuclear energy cannot be delivered without eye-wateringly high levels of subsidy. Scotland has massive renewable resources and, as European Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said, can be a renewable energy powerhouse of Europe.”