Councillor praises Rossie Braes work

Work has recently been completed on a £40,000 Flood Alleviation scheme on Rossie Braes on the A92 south of Montrose.

Montrose Independent Councillor Mark Salmond said: “I am delighted that the second phase of the programmed works have now been completed.

“I have been working with Roads Officers and local residents to secure these much-needed works for over 12 months and its great news that the works are now completed.”

Councillor Salmond added: “In recent years, run-off has been experienced from the fields to the south of the A92 between Denhead Cottage and the access to Inverossie House.

“During more significant rainfall events which lead to excessive surface water, the gullies on the roads became inundated, overwhelming the road drainage system. This led to surface water flows bypassing the gullies along the carriageway and risk to properties downstream near the basin by Montrose.

“To alleviate the flood risk, filter drains were installed at strategic points.

“These filter drains will intercept the run-off before it reaches the carriageway and allow for infiltration below the drain.

“Any surface water which doesn’t infiltrate will enter the pipe within the filter drain prior to flowing into the existing carrier drain system.

“In addition, some gullies were replaced and additional gullies installed. The footway and kerbs were also raised outside Ashcott Cottage to channel the water towards an existing gully.”

Councillor Salmond concluded: “Roads officers have assured me that these works should substantially reduce the flow of water in Rossie Brae area but I have asked for and been given an assurance that the new drains operation will be monitored and should further issues arise, future works may be considered.”

Evidence from recent few bouts of very heavy rain have suggested that the first phase of the remedial work has been completed satisfactorily.