Councillor Ronnie Proctor voted as new Angus provost

Angus Deputy Provost Colin Brown and Provost Ronnie Proctor.
Angus Deputy Provost Colin Brown and Provost Ronnie Proctor.

Angus Councillors have named the county’s new provost at their first full meeting since the local elections earlier this month.

Kirriemuir Conservative Councillor Ronnie Proctor took up office as civic head with 18 votes against nine for SNP Councillor Lynne Devine, from Forfar.

The 28 councillors of Angus.

The 28 councillors of Angus.

Forfar Independent Councillor Colin Brown was voted in as deputy provost by the same number of votes, 18 to nine, also against Councillor Devine.

Brechin and Edzell Independent Councillor Bob Myles said: “I would like to nominate Councillor Proctor who has agreed to not use any political interference or influence in any duties he would carry out as provost.

“I am sure he will do this very well as his duties with the Black Watch have enabled him to deal with many walks of society in the past and will ensure he will carry out the role in an excellent manner.”

Councillor Proctor said: “I’m a man who was born in Kirriemuir and brought up in the town and it’s really a great honour to serve the people of Angus.

“I hope I’ll do the best I can for the them.

“I’d just like to thank everybody who voted me in as a councillor again and all my fellow councillors who voted me into office as provost.

“I just hope I’ll be a good civic head and ambassador for the people and the county of Angus.”

A coalition has been formed for the administration of Angus Council for the next five years between the eight Conservative councillors, the two Lib Dems and eight of the nine Independents, with Carnoustie Councillor Brian Boyd as the only Independent standing apart.

Councillor Myles, who previously led the council from 2007 to 2012, has returned as leader with Arbroath Independent Councillor David Fairweather as his deputy.

Councillor Myles said: “There are exciting times ahead.

“The council decisions will be difficult in the future with the huge budget concerns but I think we’ve put together an excellent team to try and make best use of scant resources that Angus Council has.

“I’m extremely humbled and privileged to be asked to do this role again, especially considering some other talent we have on the council.

“I’m excited to take this administration forward and look at ways that we can build on the more efficient running of Angus Council.”

Councillor Devine said to Provost Proctor: “On behalf of the SNP group I’d like to congratulate you and your deputy on your election.”

She continued: “I’d also like to congratulate the administration for being able to form one.

“We tried very hard to find partners and would have loved to form a new administration for the sake of continuity at this pretty difficult time, especially in light of the superb work the officers started under the last administration.

“They are continuing to find better and innovative ways of providing services for the people of Angus with the people of Angus within the stretches of an increasing budget.

“I would like to assure you that we will be constructive in opposition and a critical friend.”

At the meeting today (Tuesday) councillors also decided on convenors and vice convenors of committees.

They are: Children and Learning, Convenor - Councillor Mark Salmond, Vice Convenor - Councillor Derek Wann; Civic Licensing, Convenor - Councillor Craig Fotheringham, Vice Convenor - Councillor Richard Moore; Communities, Convenor - Councillor Craig Fotheringham, Vice Convenor - Councillor Lois Speed; Development Standards, Convenor - David Lumgair, Vice Convenor - Councillor Gavin Nicol; Scrutiny and Audit, Convenor - Councillor Alex King, Vice Convenor - Councillor Bill Duff; Policy and Resources, Convenor - Councillor Bob Myles, Vice Convenor - Councillor David Fairweather.