Councillor Salmond denounces personal attacks

MONTROSE Independent councillor Mark Salmond tells us that has reacted with astonishment at “yet another personal attack” from SNP councillor Paul Valentine.

Councillor Salmond said: “I was totally shocked to read this unwarranted and misleading attack on me in last week’s Review.

“Councillor Valentine is gaining a reputation for personal attacks with his attempts to mislead the Montrose public. Petty politics have no place in local government and I have real fears for how next year’s local government election campaign will be conducted by the Montrose SNP branch if Councillor Valentine’s current conduct continues.”

He continued: “The Montrose public have nothing to fear from last week’s council meeting unless they are against public consultation. The only issue that was agreed by all 29 councillors at last week’s meeting was to carry out consultation with the Arbroath public on the findings of the Arbroath Common Good Review.

“Despite Councillor Valentine’s implication, there was no vote or decision made on the future of Arbroath Library. Councillor Valentine’s comments are totally misleading and designed to blacken my reputation in the eyes of the Montrose public.

“The decision to review Common Good assets was agreed by all councillors including Councillor Valentine and this is being done alphabetically with Arbroath being first. The review for Montrose could be many years away so there is no change to any Montrose Common Good assets, contrary to the allegations Councillor Valentine is trying to spin in his press release from last week, all he is trying to do is scaremonger.”

Councillor Salmond concluded: “I am delighted by the support I have received from local residents who have contacted me after reading Councillor Valentine’s attack on me and the clear message I am receiving is that they want their councillors to have a mature and honest debate on local issues. Not childish mudslinging.”