Councillors’ expenses - David May most thrifty

The total cost of Angus councillors’ remuneration and expenses since last year’s May election until to March 31 this year, is £558,744.

Iain Gaul, the leader of the council received a total of £32,818, and Provost Helen Oswald has £30,483.

Of the Montrose councillors, the depute leader of the Council, Paul Valentine, received £28,797. This comprises remuneration, £21,888; motor expenses, £5,906; subsistence £50; telephone and ICT, £378; other, £102; training and conference, £473.

Councillor Bill Duff, vice-convener of corporate services, received a total of £19,170.

This breaks down as remuneration, £15,817; motor, £2,705; telephone and ICT, £535; others, £62.

Next in the list is Councillor Mark Salmond, who received a total of £17,669. He received the basic remuneration of £14,766; motor, £1,548; telephone and ICT, £838; others, £517.

The least expensive Montrose councillor is David May, whose total was £16,318. This is made up of the basic remuneration, £14,766, with motoring, £1,204; telephone and ICT £297; training, £51.

David Lumgair, member for Arbroath West and Letham, had the smallest claim, receiving only the basic £14,766, and making no other claims.