David May to retire as councillor

Angus Councillor David May.
Angus Councillor David May.

Long-standing Angus councillor David May has intimated he is to bow out of local politics at the local council elections in May.

In a letter to this paper the Liberal Democrat elected member for Montrose and district states that after 10 years he has decided not to stand for election again.

He said: “For the past ten years it has been my privilege to serve as a councillor for the Montrose area. I have decided it is time to retire and I am not standing for re-election on 4th May.

“I have always supported good value for money, even when Angus Council has faced cuts imposed by the Scottish Government.

“I disagree with spending huge sums to employ consultants to make recommendations of what we should cut.

“My preference is to spend the money we do have on services, not on consultants. I have also argued strongly against the SNP Government’s centralisation agenda, as I believe local people know best what the local priorities should be.

“In the last few years I have sometimes been disappointed when councillors put their party’s interests before the interests of their ward.

“While I have been a councillor, I have always made it a priority to put my ward first in any votes on the council. I am glad the Scottish Liberal Democrats give their councillors the freedom to vote as we see fit and to make our own judgements on behalf of the people we represent.

“We must protect services for the increasing numbers of elderly people in Angus. I have opposed the cuts that are being made and the threats to our local health services which so many elderly people depend on.

“I am passionate about education; I believe all our young people deserve to get the most out of their time at school and college. The cuts imposed by the Scottish Government are the reverse of what should be happening.

“Although in a few weeks I will no longer be a councillor, I will continue to fight for the things I see as most important.

“These are: an expansion of resources into our schools; the re-instatement of college places; the retention of the Mulberry Unit; and access to a local infirmary for all our residents.

“The voters of Montrose & District will be choosing four new councillors to represent them on 4th May. Whoever those councillors are, I hope they will always keep the interests of local people at the forefront of their minds.”