Flyover needed now

THE SCOTTISH Government has been accused of “sticking its head in the sand” over the need for a flyover at an accident blackspot on the A90.

North east Liberal Democrat MSP Alison McInnes condemned transport minister Keith Brown’s stance that any grade separated junction at the Marykirk/Laurencekirk junction should be funded by developers and not the government.

She said: “I had contacted the minister to ask when action is going to be taken following the government’s announcement that the A9 will have grade separated junctions on the dual carriageway between Perth and Inverness. Why will the SNP now not accept the need for these measures on the A90 given that it is a far busier route?

“The minister seems to have his head in the sand over Laurencekirk. He says that the need for grade separated junctions on the A9 and the A90 are considered on their own individual merits.

“He goes on to reiterate his view that it is for developers to fund any flyover or underpass at Laurencekirk, quoting the government’s Reporter that any significant development at the town as proposed in the new Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan will require one or more grade separated junction.”

Mrs McInnes said that a redesigned junction is needed now to address existing safety issues, including drivers who flout the junction’s 50mph speed limit.

She added: “Developers should only have to fund new junctions when their development is the cause of extra traffic which necessitates a flyover or underpass. The Scottish Government should accept its responsibilities and commit to a flyover or underpass now.”

Local councillor David May, who also backs the flyover campaign, said: “The minister has been provided with sufficient evidence of the dangers of this junction by the excellent campaign led by Jill Fotheringham. Surely we do not need another fatality before the junction becomes a priority.”