MP’s relief that fuel tax increase is binned

THE ANNOUNCEMENT on Wednesday by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne that the planned 3p increase in fuel duty will not take place, has been widely welcomed.

And the news has been greeted by Angus SNP MP Mike Weir as “The culmination of a hard-fought campaign.”

The SNP has been at the forefront of calls to scrap the rise in fuel duty that had been planned, highlighting the enormous damage it does to households and businesses.

Mr Weir said that had the rise gone ahead as planned, it would have represented a £130 million tax rise for Scottish households and businesses and put around 4,000 jobs at risk.

Working with FairFuel UK, the SNP has repeatedly attracted cross-party support for its efforts to win a fairer deal on fuel duties for households and businesses.

Mr Weir said: “The scrapping of this planned tax hike is positive news and is the culmination of a hard-fought campaign which has won support from a variety of different sectors.

“Sky-high fuel prices affect every single one of us, driving up the cost of motoring and the price of everything we buy in our day to day lives.

“There is absolutely nothing green in destroying local communities and economies, which is the effect of continually increasing fuel prices.

“In rural communities such as Angus high fuel prices have a particularly heavy impact as prices are usually both even higher than urban areas and are unavoidable for households who simply do not have the option of using more public transport.

“Worse still, in many areas it feeds through to the price of everyday goods since there is no realistic alternative to bringing those in by road and the transport costs feed through to prices.”

“That is why we have campaigned heavily for a fairer deal on fuel prices and why it is a relief that on this matter at least, the Chancellor has heeded our calls.

“The last thing that people needed was a fresh hike to fuel duty, so I am sure that people across Scotland will be delighted that our campaign has been successful.”