No Angus cases in data breaches

Research has unveiled thousands of data breaches resulted in lost or stolen sensitive personal information from local authorities, but not Angus Council.

Local authorities recorded a total of 4236 data breaches in three years from April 2011 - a rate of almost four every day, the study by privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch found. However, no breaches were reported in the Angus Council area.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “While we welcome these findings, we are not complacent and we take the responsibility of handling confidential data extremely seriously. We are constantly looking at our processes with a view to improve our practices.”

Sensitive or confidential information was compromised in 260 of the cases, while breaches involved personal data linked to children on 658 occasions.

The report, based on responses to freedom of information requests, said data was lost or stolen on 401 occasions, while there were 628 instances of incorrect or inappropriate information being shared on emails, letters and faxes. Researchers also found that a total of 197 mobile phones, computers, tablets and USBs were lost or stolen.