Praise for Angus support for arms treaty

LOCAL MP Mike Weir has congratulated Angus activists who have campaigned for an international arms trade treaty, which was adopted recently by the United Nations General Assembly.

Mr Weir said he had been contacted on the issue may times over the last two years and said the resolution has come about due to the efforts of ordinary people.

He said: “Throughout the last two years I have received countless approaches from local constituents of all ages campaigning for this outcome, and it is due to their efforts and pressure that the treaty has finally come about.

“The campaign for an Arms Trade Treaty has been driven by ordinary people sickened by what they see happening around the world. It came tantalisingly close to realisation last year, only to fail at the last hurdle.

“The many activists throughout Angus and the world calling for such a treaty did not give up but continued to lobby and cajole politicians and governments to bridge their differences and adopt a treaty.

“Again this year a treaty seemed to be blocked by Syria, Iran and North Korea but the UN General Assembly has now overwhelmingly voted in favour of an Arms Trade Treaty that will finally tackle many of the horrors associated with the arms trade.”

Mr Weir also praised Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt who has “strongly backed” domestic and international efforts to reach an agreement.

He added:“This is, however, only the first step and much has still to be done to ensure that the treaty is put into effect and policed around the world.

“This is, however, a very significant moment and campaigners in Angus should be rightly proud of historic achievement that they helped bring about.”