Roadside advertising given the green light

APPROVAL for roadside advertising in Angus, including Montrose, has been welcomed by the councillor who raised the issue with the local authority.

Councillor David May said he is particularly pleased that signs proclaiming the county’s newly acquired Fairtrade status will also be erected at seven sites including the A92 at Northwaterbridge and the A937 at

They will be added to the ‘Welcome to Angus’ signs on the county’s borders although at last week’s infrastructure services committee an amendment was put forward that they should be installed on all ‘A’ class road signs at the entrance to each Angus burgh.

Although the council decided in 2006 not to open verges and roundabouts to commercial interests, the subject was raised again in 2011 by Mr May and a list of suitable sites was drawn up. The Rossie Island Road roundabout is the only area in the Montrose area deemed suitable to carry advertising.

The authority recently awarded the two-year contract for sponsorship of 13 locations across the county to Community Partners Ltd.

Mr May said: “As a supporter of Fairtrade I’m not only pleased to support the section of the report on Fair Trade signage but I wished to add to the amendment so that Fairtrade signs will now be installed on all ‘A’ class road entry signs to each of the fair trade burghs in Angus .

“I very recently attended a Fairtrade meeting at Montrose Academy and heard many informative presentations on Fairtrade and one was from a producer who had come all the way from Guatemala.

“One of the key points he made was that through Fairtrade producers like himself get a fair price for what they make and this has made a difference to them as well as their communities, as he gave us examples of improved housing as well as much better educational facilities.

“As we are now in Fairtrade Fortnight my hope is that by passing this, Fairtrade will be better promoted and more Fairtrade goods will be sold producers and their communities
will benefit.”