SNP constituency officials elected


Angus North and Mearns SNP Constituency Association held its annual general meeting in Brechin on Sunday.

Convener Bill Duff reported on a year with council elections organised at branch level and two seats won in the Mearns and six in North Angus.

Attention turned towards the Yes campaign and activities have increased. Street stalls have started across the constituency and will continue with stalls being booked for summer events.

A number of themed meetings for special interest groups were planned with the first in Brechin next week. Canvassing activities would resume soon. Finances were in good order and Yes Scotland was clearly well funded. Mr Duff added that 2013 is an important year as members built a platform for the referendum in 2014.

Guest speaker was North East MSP Mark McDonald, who inspired members with his reflections on the current political situation. He said that topics that had often been challenging for nationalists, such as defence, the economy and welfare were now much more fertile territory as the Westminster Government was reneging on promises made on defence, the UK had lost its triple A credit rating and the latest welfare changes would cause untold misery to the poorest and most vulnerable in our community.

He said that the most important thing for members was to speak to people as he believed that much of the No vote was soft and was open to persuasion with the many good arguments for independence.

Office-bearers elected were: convener Councillor Bill Duff (Montrose), vice-convener Councillor Jim Houston (Brechin), organiser Councillor Lynne Devine (Forfar), secretary Mark McDonald (Montrose), and treasurer Karen Box (Stonehaven and Mearns).