Time to make your choice for Angus

THURSDAY’S Angus Council election will see six candidates standing for the four seats in Ward Eight, Montrose and District.

Angus Council has reminded voters of some simple steps they can take to make sure of having their say in who runs the county for the next four years.

Check where you should vote. Details of your local polling station will be on your poll card. If you have not received it or are unsure of where to go call the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

Bring your poll card with you to the polling station as it may speed things. But don’t worry if you don’t have it, you can still vote without it.

Remember that this year you vote using numbers instead of using an X. Just put a 1 next to your first choice, a 2 next to your second choice, a 3 next to your third choice and so on. You can choose how many candidates to number. As long as you number at least one, your vote will be counted.

If you’re unsure of how to complete your ballot paper, a member of staff will be able to help you.

Pop your ballot paper in the ballot box and that’s it done.

If you have been granted a postal vote, make sure your vote is returned by 10pm on election day. If you have left it too late to post back, you can drop it off at your polling station or at the Elections Office at Angus House, Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar.

For more information on voting and the elections visit www.aboutmyvote.co.uk

The site also includes an animated character called Victor the Voter who will explain what to do when you go to vote.

The polling stations for Ward Eight Montrose and District are located at Montrose Academy, Ferryden Primary School, Lochside Primary School, Glenesk Avenue; Montrose Baptist Church, Coronation Way; Hillside Hall and Craigo Community Hall.

Some of these premises have more than one polling stations within them, but there is easily understood guidance to make sure you go to the correct one.

The Montrose Review has only one thing further to say - to urge get to your polling station and vote.

The candidates

• Andrew Boyd, Scottish Conservative & Unionist

• Bill Duff, Scottish National Party

• David May, Scottish Liberal Democrats

• Ina Paton, Scottish Labour Party

• Mark Salmond, Independent

• Paul Valentine, Scottish National Party