Welcome for energy report

Mike Weir MP: 'Many decades' of oil and gas revenue to come.
Mike Weir MP: 'Many decades' of oil and gas revenue to come.

THE PUBLICATION of a report which endorses renewable energy as the best way of ensuring lower energy prices for consumers has been welcomed by local MP Mike Weir.

The report from the Committee on Climate Change concludes that household energy bills will be about £600 higher per year by the end of the decade if the UK relies increasingly on gas, while they would only be around £100 higher than today’s average if the UK concentrated on renewable power generation.

Mr Weir, SNP energy spokesman, said this demonstrates that the approach of the Scottish Government is “clearly the best way forward”, and also demonstrates Scotland’s potential to provide clean, green energy to neighbouring countries.

He said: “The Scottish Government is already committed to producing 100 per cent of our electricity needs from renewables and this report demonstrates that this is a much more sensible approach than the UK government’s “Dash for Gas” which will end up costing the consumer six times as much. Scotland has surpassed our interim target. The growth of renewables in Scotland will mean that not only will we be able to supply our own energy needs but will have energy to sell to others.

“The report blows out of the water the ridiculous claims of the No campaign that energy bills will be more expensive in an independent Scotland.”