Pool incident investigated

A MONTROSE mother this week told how her children have refused to return to Montrose Swimming Pool after an alleged bullying incident during a swimming session at the weekend.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said her children were targeted by a group of five youths during the free inflatable session at the pool on Saturday afternoon and were “terrified within an inch of their lives” after her 14-year-old son was allegedly punched. She also claimed there were similar incidents during the same session on two previous weekends involving the same group of boys and questioned the pool’s supervision arrangements.

She said: “Other parents have come forward and complained and I’ve taken it to the police. It’s a fun inflatable session for eight to 14-year-olds where you can supposedly leave children in a supervised environment but these boys were swearing, pushing kids off and being quite aggressive.

“My children began to feel intimidated and left, but the boys followed them to the changing rooms and started attacking the cubicles, kicking the curtains. My son was punched through the curtain and was terrified. It only stopped when the manager came on duty but I’m really angry that the pool staff aren’t doing their jobs.

“They all apologised and gave my son a free swim, but I pay for my children to be in a safe place and I’ve lost all faith in the staff there. The lifeguards should have seen what was going on and stopped it. At the moment, my children are saying they’re not going back.”

The incident is now under investigation by Tayside Police and Angus Council. A spokeswoman for the local authority this week said it aims to provide a safe environment for all customers and anyone experiencing or witnessing unacceptable behaviour should contact a member of staff immediately.

She said: “When complaints were made to our staff, they spoke to the youths concerned and then later to the mother of the younger children who had made the complaints.

“We are investigating, as well as assisting Tayside Police with their enquiries. Until the enquiries have been concluded, the youths who are the subject of the complaints can only use the pool under adult supervision, and they are being asked to discuss this with the pool manager.”