Positive feedback for litter issue

former councillor Graham Stephen is calling for Montrose to be cleaned up.
former councillor Graham Stephen is calling for Montrose to be cleaned up.

Former councillor Graham Stephen has had a “very positive response” from a recent article in the Review where he called for a clean up.

Mr Stephen has found the state of the town and its surrounding areas a disgrace and sees the problem as only getting worse due to a lack of police, dog wardens, community wardens and litter bins.

Mr Stephen told the Review: “Why are there no litter bins near the fast food outlets and baker shops?

“Why doesn’t the street sweeper use his brush instead of picking up just cigarette ends. We need more street sweepers!

“Gull mess and Coca Cola mess should be washed, this is done daily in Les Haute-Alpes in France where my brother lives, the streets are washed down by a team from the village.”

Mr Stephen continued: “We had a cleaner, tidier town when we had our own Town council - bring it back!

“I was a Town councillor for two terms and a community councillor for 30 years.

“We had an environmental sub-committee which the SNP hated as they were forbidden to attend.

“Can something be done about the wheelie bins on the West side of the High Street as the wheelie bins are never put away.”

Mr Stephen went on to explain how he will continue his campaign until their is a resolution.

He concluded: “Let’s have back our beautiful town, there is a lot going for it!

“I have had so many telephone calls since the article was in the Montrose Review with people telling me the town is not what it used to be. We really need to find a solution. The filthy drains, closes and streets should be a thing of the past.

If you have any ideas you would like to pass on to Mr Stephen you can e-mail news@montrosereview.com or telephone us on 01674 672605 and we will pass on your message and details to him.