Postcards of town showcased in book

Murray Street
Murray Street

A series of vintage picture postcards showing Montrose and its surrounding areas in their former glory have been complied in a new book.

‘Montrose: The Postcard Collection’ showing 170 postcards from Montrose and the surrounding villages, Hillside and Ferryden, has been put together by local man Tom Valentine.

The postcards are from Tom’s personal collection and a show a range of postcards, many of them in colour, from 1890 to 1940.

Tom, who is from Montrose but now lives in Friockheim, says his interest in vintage postcards began in the early 1970s when he visited a stamp fair in the Cafe Royal, Regent Street, in London.

There he found his first postcard of Montrose, of Rossie Castle, which he says caught his eye because the postmark was on the picture side of the card.

He found a few more after that, including some of Ferryden, and he says he’s never looked back.

“A good way to tell this tale is through picture postcards, which show how life once was and the changes that have taken place.

“During the early years of the 20th century, the sending of postcards became almost a national obsession, and today these provide a wonderful record of the buildings, streets and people of times gone by,” said Tom.

He added: “Some places have really change over the years, while others have stayed almost the same.”

This is his fourth book of postcards of Montrose and has been published by Amberley Publishing.

‘Montrose: The Postcard Collection’ is one in a series of postcard collection books across the UK.

It is £14.99 and is available from Henry Hogg Bookseller, on the High Street, as well as on Amazon.

It is also available on Kindle, Kobo and the iBookstore.