Postman Pat does not deliver

Postman Pat (voiced by Stephen Mangan). PA Photo/Lionsgate.
Postman Pat (voiced by Stephen Mangan). PA Photo/Lionsgate.

‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ is a shadow of the beloved stop-motion TV series, exploring the poisonous effects of celebrity on the mild-mannered postie when he becomes involved in a televised singing contest.

Screenwriters Fuller, Bluhm and Dubuc clumsily satirise the talent contest format, casually throwing in romance and a hare-brained sci-fi invasion plot to the unappetising mix.

Postman Pat (voiced by Stephen Mangan) is at the heart of village life in the cosy community of Greendale, where he lives in Forge Cottage with his wife Sara (Susan Duerden) and son Julian (Sandra Teles).

Sara has always dreamt of going to Italy, so when Pat discovers a trip for two is the top prize in the TV reality show ‘You’re The One’ hosted by Simon Cowbell, he prepares to belt out a ballad.

Animation throughout is competent but the handful of gags pitched at snoozing adults, like the screen display of robotic Jess which reads ‘Faster Pussybot Kill Kill’, barely warrant a weary smile.