Potholes to be tackled as soon as possible

POTHOLES in Montrose and district will be dealt with as quickly as possible, local councillor David May said this week.

Mr May, who is also Angus Council’s infrastructure services convener, said he has been pursuing the matter with the roads department after being contacted by many people about the number of potholes in the area.

He said: “I’ve been in touch with the roads department about potholes in Borrowfield, Ferryden, Hillside and Dun areas as well as various parts of the town itself.

“I’ve also been making contact with roads officers and they are tackling potholes as quickly as they can.”

The council agreed at its budget-setting meeting last month to put an extra £1.4 million into the development and upkeep of the county’s road network in 2011/12, bringing the total roads investment to £15.4 million.

Councillors also agreed to pour an extra £400,000 directly into the winter maintenance budget.

It was also revealed last month that it will take at least £2.25 billion to repair potholes and bring Scotland’s roads up to standard.

Between January 1 and February 9 Angus Council staff had repaired 593 potholes, an average of around 15 a day, which had either been spotted by roads staff or reported by members of the public.

A report by the Accounts Commission found that 37 per cent of Scotland’s roads needed immediate work and called for the Scottish Government to consider a national review of how the roads network is managed and maintained.

It was also estimated that around a third of motorists have suffered damage to their vehicles and are paying out an average of £220 on repairs to suspension as well as burst tyres and damage to paintwork.

Mr May said: “We’ve put considerably more money into the budget this year for roads repairs and anyone who is having problems can contact either the Access office or me as I’m happy to pass on the information.

“Hopefully it will be dealt with fairly soon.

“It was quite reassuring, in a way, to hear comments at the last meeting of Montrose Community Council that pothole issues in Angus are less than elsewhere. However, it is still quite a significant problem and we will deal with them.”

At last Thursday’s Montrose Community Council meeting chairman Peter Davies said the matter of filling in potholes and repairing road surfaces was raised at the biannual meeting of community councils held in Forfar last month.

He said: “The roads director was asked to state how they did it, how many they’ve done and what it cost.

“He tried to explain as best he could but he said it was something they would never keep up with because there are so many of them. They’ll do as much as the budget allows.”

Pothole and other road problems can be reported to Angus Council via its Access office in the Ball House or by calling the Access line on 08452 777 778.