Powerful epic tale

THE award-winning Dundee Rep Ensemble will perform Anna Karenina, Tolstoy’s tragic tale of love and marriage in imperial Russia, at the theatre from Monday, May 23 to Saturday, June 11.

Set against a background of changing times, this epic tale of sex, duty, marriage and moral regeneration is still as powerful and current today as it was when first published in 1873.

Anna is torn between her highly respected civil servant husband Karenin and her illicit lover, the young soldier Alexis Vronsky.

With her husband and young son she lives an acceptable and well to do life in the city, a life where she enjoys the highest social respect.

But it is an existence utterly without passion. Levin lives off the land, contributing in any way he can to the workers who look after it. He believes in living a simple and honest life, rejecting Anna’s world; the aristocracy and the values they uphold.

In the country he searches for justice, strives for nobility, for compassion and for social balance.

The duality of their two lives reflect and refract the morals of a changing world; as Russia grows from an agricultural economy into a new industrialised world.

Adapted by Jo Clifford and directed by associate director Jemima Levick. Dundee Rep brings you a timeless play from a company who has gained a long-standing reputation for quality and excellence.

Ensemble member Emily Winter plays Anna with John Buick playing her husband Karenin and Tony McGeever her illicit lover Alexis. Kevin Lennon plays Constantin Levin, a simple and honest man who turns his back on city life .

Anna Karenina is the last ensemble production of the spring season and sees Ann Louise Ross back with the company after touring with Sunshine on Leith and Age of Arousal. Ensemble apprentice Helen Darbyshire (Katy) plays alongside Irene Macdougall (Darya) and Robert Paterson (Oblonsky) in this love story of epic proportions.

Tickets are on sale now. To book call 01382 223530 or log on to www.dundeerep.co.uk