Prehistoric aspect of needlework!

The FEBRUARY meeting of the Montrose branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild was addressed by Maureen Shepherd, Wellbank.

She delivered a hugely interesting talk about how ancient local history has influenced her art and needlework. She took members back almost 5,000 years to the ‘Beaker People’ who inhabited this area and other parts of Scotland.

Her vivid descriptions and photos of how she has used these designs and the very soil itself to help create her work was truly inspirational.

The theme for the March gathering is prompting much interest. Member Nila Monckton, has spent time in the Far East and she will give an insight to the embroidery work of North Korea.

Few people can visit this closed and secretive country. Anyone wishing to find out more is welcome to attend the meeting this Saturday, March 17, at 2pm in the Columba Hall, Market Street.

Further information is available from Ingram Bruce on 01674 676327.