Proud history of local Masons

Montrose and District Probus Club met last Tuesday in the George Hotel with vice-president Fred Jack in the chair.

The speaker was Iain McIntosh who gave a potted history of Montrose from his examination of Masonic Minutes. Montrose has one of the oldest lodges in 
Scotland, founded in 1713 long before the formation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1736. The Masons helped the poor and had encouraged education, a fact recently 
recognised at the 200th 
anniversary of the 
foundation of Montrose Academy.

The Masons had also been involved in the building of the Kinnaber Bridge in 1770 and the first Montrose Bridge 
in 1795. Many famous people had been members of 
Montrose Lodges including Hercules Coutts of the 
banking family who went on to found a shipping company in Maryland, Sir James 
Duke, later to become Lord Mayor of London, and members of Robert Burns’ family, some of whom had been active in India, Russia and Afghanistan.

Mr McIntosh also recounted how the local lodges had been prepared to support both sides in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745!

A vote of thanks was proposed by Angus Lindsay.