Query raised over leaflet’s timing

LOCAL organisations have not been given enough time to respond to an Angus Council request for information about their events over the summer, it has been claimed.

Those contacted by the council’s community planning partnership by mail for inclusion in a “What’s On” information leaflet, produced in conjunction with Montrose Together, were given just two days to respond.

A member of one local group, who asked not to be named, said the letters were dated May 6, franked on May 9 and were received two days later which, he said, may not have been enough time for groups to contribute.

The planning partnership asked for all information to be submitted by Friday, May 13 so the information leaflet could be designed and printed in time for June 1.

The man said: “What if the groups concerned had no time to get together before then to discuss what they wanted in the leaflet, or the contact was on holiday or away for a couple of days when the letter arrived?” The issue was also raised by local councillor David May at Montrose Together’s recent meeting who also said the timing of the letter could have been “more flexible”.

He said: “The principle is spot on but the timeframe could have been a little bit more flexible. Had it been a week it would have been fine but a day or two was maybe impossible.”

A council spokeswoman this week said: “Most groups were contacted by e-mail on April 15, giving them four weeks to reply. Unfortunately, those people contacted by post were given much less time to respond, due to a series of circumstances involving the mail-out timings. We were further constrained by early print deadlines.

“We apologise to those groups which were given inadequate time to respond and will take steps to ensure that this issue does not occur in future years.”