Races and talent show at Marykirk

Marykirk Raft Race committee is hosting a ‘Snail Race’ at Marykirk Hall on Saturday (April 27), from 6.30 pm.

But you don’t have to go out to your garden to train your own champion snail as this fun event for all the family features animated snail races.

For a pocket money-sized bet you can use your skill to pick a winning snail.

Entry is free; all you have to do is turn up on the night and bring your own snacks and drinks.

This is the last fund-raising event of the year before the Raft Race itself which is to be held on Sunday, May 19.

Talent show

This year, as part of the after-race festivities there will be a ‘Marykirk’s got Talent’ show.

So if you fancy getting in the limelight to sing a song, do a comedy sketch, play a musical instrument or to showcase anything else, this is your big chance.

You don’t have to live in or come from Marykirk to take part, and there will be two categories for juniors and seniors.

So whether you are just up for a laugh or if you think you have real talent fill in the form at http://www.marykirkraftrace.com and come along to the Raft Race.

A panel of judges will choose the most deserving acts to receive a prize.

The Marykirk Raft Race raises funds for local charities.

A total of 17 rafts competed in 2012 and over £7,000 was raised for charities and local groups.

The Marykirk Raft Race Website is: http://www.marykirkraftrace.com