Raising cash for a commemorative stone for Christie


A CD to raise money for a commemorative stone to artist Adam Christie to be erected in Montrose has been launched.

The sculptor, whose work is currently on display at the Montrose Museum, was admitted to Sunnyside Hospital in 1901, aged 32, suffering from severe depression.

Christie is famous for the carved stone heads he sculpted from stones found in fields nearby to the hospital. He used unusual tools to carve them - six inch nails as chisels, broken files as hammers and broken glass as sandpaper.

Dave Ramsay, The Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Association director, has released a song he wrote about the artist to raise the funds for a commemorative stone.

He said: “In 2008, I wrote and recorded a song about the gentle Shetlander, and have decided to release it as a single to help raise funds for a commemorative stone.

“Montrose Museum has rightly raised the profile of the Adam Christie story through their excellent exhibition, but I believe there is one more element to this story.

“Adam’s mother died when he was aged seven, and it troubled him for many years that her grave was never marked, and he created a memorial stone to her memory. I believe that Adam has the same right to be acknowledged, respected and remembered by a memorial stone.”

The Shetlander died in 1950 at the age of 83 and was given a pauper’s grave in Montrose.

The cost of a commemorative stone is around £1000 and £200 has already been pledged by the Stonehaven Burns Club, as Christie sculpted the Burns memorial at Hillside in 1930.

The name of Ramsay’s song was inspired by a book by Ken Keddie, who was a consultant psychiatrist at Sunnyside in the 1970s, about Christie’s life and works called the ‘Gentle Shetlander’. He found out that William Lamb, the Montrose sculptor, had taken Christie under his wing, as he was so impressed with his sculptures.

The CD is on sale for £5 direct from Mr Ramsay by emailing d_ramsay_mail@yahoo.co.uk or calling 01569 750730.