Rare tandem BMX for sale on Montrose Facebay

BMX bicycle made for two
BMX bicycle made for two

A Montrose man is selling a very rare bike, so rare in fact that the seller says it is the only one on the planet.

The bike for sale - a 1980s Raleigh BMX Burner Tandem - was made by Raleigh for a BMX promotional event.

The bike has been kept in dry storage ever since, so is in mint condition.

Could this be a BMX collector’s dream?

The seller, who goes under the name Lex Luther, says he is open to offers around £2500.

The seller said he would even throw in a helmet.

Facebay is awash with intrigued buyers guessing how bike stunts could be executed on the BMX built for two.

The big question remains: Is your partner up to a somersault on this?

Look for the advert on Facebay Montrose and imagine yourself down by Montrose Beach at the skate park this summer.

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