Readers ask when will roads be fixed?

WINTER weather of the sort that we have recently experienced is well-known for playing havoc with road surfaces.

But some readers have contacted the Review to say that surfaces in their areas have passed the point of needing just a few patches.

One that was mentioned strongly was Links Avenue, at the back of Links Park, which one reader described as “about unusable”.

He added that the road forms part of a bus route, and sometimes double-deckers are used. This, he feels, must contributed to the damage being done.

The Review had a look at Links Avenue, and can confirm that the surface is very badly broken up, particularly in the regions of the houses whose numbers are in the teens. It is as if the potholes are reaching out to each other, and when contact is made they will have turned into a farm track.

Most nearby roads seemed to be in reasonable condition for the time of year, and a squad was working on Dorward Road near the golf links.

The gentleman who contacted us said he had spoken to a member of Angus Council’s roads department who said he had looked at Links Park, and that he saw nothing wrong. Our reader wondered if he had looked at the wrong road.

However, the Review has good news for the long-suffering residents of Links Avenue.

A spokeswoman for Angus Council told us: “Links Avenue is due to be resurfaced as a priority, budgets permitting, in the new financial year. Meantime, we will undertake remedial work to treat the potholes.”

Mention was made at Thursday’s meeting of Montrose Community Council of other areas where surfaces are exceptionally poor, including Broomfield, North Street and Victoria Bridge. There is also a large puddle which gathers at the bus stop near the old swimming pool, and results in pedestrians being splashed by passing traffic.