Readers unanimous against closure of parks

LAST week reported Angus Council’s proposal to close eight children’s playgrounds in Montrose and district - almost half of the total, and asked readers for their responses.

You did not let us down, and here is a selection of replies that came by e-mail or Facebook.

Lynn Beedie wrote: “Utter nonsense taking the parks away, it’s just going to make the children hang about the streets. Medicine Well Park is used by my daughter and all the children in ‘The Glens’.”

Nikki Brown said: “Maybe if the council cut back the reeds and tidied up the pond and put more things in the park, the Curlie would get used more often! There’s nothing in this town for kids to do as it is, closing eight parks is ridiculous!”

Chris Hebenton told us: “Should never have taking the playpark away beside the Links Hotel.”

Ian Spence also felt strongly: ”Anything to save a quid, what nonsense. It’s 50p now for the toilet at Hume Street, what next? Sell off Broomie playing fields to build houses? C’mon, wise up, kids’ playing has to be encouraged. Go ahead, make the next generations fatter, have them on the streets causing trouble, then in 30 years look back at this and have a moan about having no parks and the cost to reinstate them.”

And Lynn Anderson took no prisoners: “Just read the article and I have to say I am absolutely disgusted that they are looking to close eight frequently used parks! Instead of kids going to the park with parents, etc., and exercising, socialising and having a great time, young children are now expected to partake in a ridiculous hike to get to the Seafront Splash and, once there, pray that it’s not windy, despite being right next to the sea.

“Oh and of course in the dead of winter, that should be great fun trying to predict the weather bearing in mind that once there, if caught out by the rain, there’s a lengthy walk home with children who can’t walk as quickly.

“Those who don’t have their own transport will suffer, which ironically defeats the purpose of the play parks in the first place as a means of exercise.”

The eight parks in this area earmarked for closure locally are: Adams Way, Dubton Village, Fettes Way, India Street, Market Park, Medicine Well, Provost Reid’s Road and The Curlie.