Readers won’t let playpark debate lie down

COMMENTS are still coming in from readers about the possibility of up to eight playparks in Montrose having their equipment removed and being grassed over.

On Facebook this week we heard from Charlie Robb, who is the first who agreed with the notion of cutting back on play facilities in Montrose.

He wrote: “They are inspected every day between March and November, and once a week in winter months.

“This is to comply with insurance but most of them, apart from the Curlie and Medicine Well, are hardly ever used!”

Eric Ashby wondered how the removal of the parks listed in Angus would save £100,000.

He continued: “My children and I regularly make use of the Curlie Pond Park. We often see other parents and children there, and we occasionally make use of the Medicine Well Park and the India Street Park.

“The parks don’t eat anything, perhaps the council could cut inspections to once a fortnight and save money that way, but please don’t spend money to rip out perfectly good play equipment, that’s not good sense.”

And finally the joker in the pack. Andrew Williams wrote: “The last time I was at the park I saw three council workers playing on the swings for 20 minutes, just a disgrace.”