Recognition of John is long overdue


Following the article about Professor John Chassar Moir (13 March) Dr Andrew Orr, President of The Montrose Society, got in touch with us.

Dr Orr told the Review: “I was most interested to see your article about Professor Chassar Moir, born and educated in Montrose.

“Most people in the town will know his name only because it is attached to the Chassar Moir Maternity Unit – but they will know little about the man himself.

“Your article does hint at his stature in the medical world, but there is much more – very much more - to his story and to his achievement.

“It puts him in the highest echelons of medical researchers and innovators in the 20th century – along side the likes of Sir Alexander Flemming, another great Scot.

“His extremely retiring nature, humility and modesty resulted in him not getting the public acknowledgement that he thoroughly deserved.

“At the time of his death in 1977 the British Medical Journal said he was ‘a great man and a gentleman; a man who did more than anyone living today to save the lives and relieve the miseries of women’.

The Montrose Society believe that proper recognition of this great Montrosian is far too long overdue.

Dr Orr continued: “The Montrose Society has already identified Professor Chassar Moir as a most suitable subject to be commemorated in his home town.

“It is planning to erect a bronze plaque at the house in Melville Gardens where he was born and grew up.

“The Society is working with the family to find ways of publicising his story with a view to bringing a bronze bust portrait of him for permanent display in the town.

“Recognition of this great Montrosian and his world wide achievements is long overdue.”