Red Sky July at night...MoFest delight

Red Sky July.
Red Sky July.

One third of Red Sky July, who will be supporting Jools Holland’s Montrose Music Festival headline concert, says she is looking forward to playing in Scotland again.

The band is made up of husband and wife duo - Glaswegian Ally McErlaine, who was the guitarist in 15 million-selling band Texas, and Shelly Poole, previously one half of million-selling duo Alisha’s Attic, - along with former model, Charity Hair, formerly of The Alice Band and latterly The Ailerons, with Blur’s drummer Dave Rowntree.

The trio will be taking to the stage on Montrose’s East Links on Friday to get the crowd warmed up and one third of the band, Chicago-born Charity Hair, said the group has an affinity with Scotland and can’t wait to play to a Scottish crowd once more.

She said: “I’m really looking forward to coming to Montrose. We’ve played in Aberdeen and Inverness before but never Angus.

“With Ally being Scottish, we often get asked to play gigs up in Scotland.

“Scotland is a very big part of us. We really love to go up there.

“I always admire how the Scottish people just get out there even if it is pouring down with rain - they just put their boots on, have a couple of beers and get out there.

“MoFest sounds like it has such a good vibe, so I’m looking forward to it.

“We would like to try to explore the area.

“We all love to eat. I love Scottish food - I like a bit of haggis myself. We’d love to find a lovely restaurant when we’re in Angus to make a little trip of it.”

Charity said they will be entertaining the audience with their hazy blend of Alt-Country and Americana for a more mellow performance before Jools and his big band sound take to the stage.

Formed in 2009 they have released three albums – the self-titled, Red Sky July, Shadowbirds and The Truth and the Lie, which reached number three on the UK Country Charts.

“It will just the three of us, it’ll be quite intimate, as we’ll be playing without the band, but we can make a big noise just the three with our voices, two guitars and maybe a mandolin. It’ll be a nice warm up.

“Americana is making a bit of a thing right and I think you would class us as Americana.

“We just like to play music we like to hear.

“We have three albums to chose songs from to play. We will play a few covers as well to get people singing and dancing along,” she said.

Charity added after the concert the band hope to meet revellers. She said: “We can’t go all that way and not go out to meet the people.”