Relief for residents as harbour noise ends

THE RHYTHMIC thumping which has rung out from Montrose Harbour over the last few months should be at an end, the port’s chief executive has said.

The noise, caused by a percussion hammer used in the piling work for the harbour’s new deep water berths at its south quay, could be heard right across town.

Although the contractor’s approved operating hours were from 7am to 7pm these were extended on at least two occasions, prompting complaints to both local Angus councillors and Ferryden Community Council.

But Montrose Port Authority chief executive John Paterson said this week that piling for both the £8 million berths scheme and a £14 million grain store for Angus Cereals Limited has now been finished and he thanked the public for their patience.

He said: “Contractors Farrans Construction Limited have now completed the programme of piling for the quay face. Both sheet and tubular piling can now be seen from Wharf Street forming the face of the new berths.

“Montrose Port Authority wishes to thank the residents of Montrose for their forbearance during the period of the piling operation particularly the tubular piles which necessitated the use of a percussion hammer from time-to-time in addition to the vibrating hammers also deployed by the contractor.”

Mr Paterson added that the berths, which will improve facilities for larger vessels, are scheduled for completion at the end June. The remaining work will consist of onshore concrete piling for foundation work for elements of the quay itself, dredging for around two weeks in April which may include 24-hour operation and concrete works to complete the quay.

He said: “None of these operations will require processes which involve significant noise.

“Contractors for Angus Cereals Limited are Bancon Construction Limited and piling operations have also been completed for this development. Operations currently consist of concrete work and erection of silos to be followed by steel erection and cladding of flat stores, all of which are due to be completed by August.

“This will also require some seven-day working periods although none of the processes are unduly noisy.”

The town’s new lifeboat station and jetty should take shape at the west end of the north quay soon but no start date has yet been released.

Mr Paterson said: “More details will be publicised when programmes have been agreed and contracts entered into.”