Rent arrears at all-time low

THE OUTSTANDING rent arrears owed by Angus Housing Association (AHA) tenants has hit an all-time low, the organisation has said.

In a report to its service delivery committee the association, which has around 1,800 houses in the Dundee and Angus area, said that by the end of September arrears has been reduced to less than £87,000.

Only one tenant owed more than £1,500 and 18 owed between £750 and £1500.

Bruce Forbes, association director, congratulated all AHA staff involved in rent collection and arrears control for their “outstanding efforts.

He said: “It is particularly heartening, in this time of recession, when nearly all households are under severe economic pressure, that we can continue to help the vast majority of our tenants to prevent their debt problems with rent arrears from getting out of control.

“This is down to the simple, common-sense approach we take of identifying problems early and intervening to make sure that tenants get the benefits and money advice they need and by entering into realistic repayment arrangements that they can afford.

“We also know that sometimes families are faced with a difficult choice, especially in winter, between the rent and heating bills. What our figures show most, however, is that the bulk of the debt outstanding is made up of smaller, manageable amounts of less than three to four months’ rent.”