Residents call for close to be cleaned

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Angry townsfolk are calling for the council and police to do something about the state of the ‘closie’ beside the former Dorothy Perkins shop.

People living in the Servite House sheltered accommodation, on Standard Close, which backs onto the ‘closie’ are unhappy with the state of it.

The ownership of the close is unknown and it is open to the elements.

Jim Shaw (60), a resident at Servite House, said: “It was cleaned up a couple of months ago but nothing has been done since. People are sat drinking here every weekend.”

He added that when it was cleaned a bag of glue was found.

“I’m worried about the elderly people below me. They can’t open their windows when people are drinking near them.”

He added: “We’ve reported it to the police, but by the time they come, the people have gone away.”

Brian Alexander (57), another resident, said: “It’s one of the worst closies in Montrose without a doubt. There needs to be a regular patrol of it by the police and then once the problem has gone the council can come clean it.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: “When it rains the smell is diabolical. It has got to be maintained on a weekend by the police.”

Councillor Bill Duff said: “There are 20 to 30 closes in Montrose. Some of them are private and others are a grey area where no one really knows who owns them.

“The council has adopted six that it cleans and maintains, but it can’t afford to take on anymore.

“The Civic Pride Group has decided to clean or paint some of the closes that need it and the one next to Dorothy Perkins falls into that category.

“This will be under the guidance of the council and the manpower will come from Criminal Justice.”

He concluded: “Once the closes have been cleaned we’ll contact the adjacent owners telling they need to take some responsibility for the close.”