Residents oppose Montrose Day Care Centre

Design plans for the new Montrose Day Care Centre
Design plans for the new Montrose Day Care Centre

Plans to turn the former ambulance station in Montrose into a new adult day care centre have been met with opposition from residents.

Developers want to demolish the station on Warrack Terrace and build an adult day care centre in its place to move the current facility in the town on Panmure Place into a new building.

This is the second attempt to transform the unused building into the new Montrose Day Care Centre.

An application was launched last May, but it was withdrawn after residents in Warrack Terrace objected the proposal.

The new application is for a smaller day care centre but residents are once again objecting the redevelopment.

Sandy Munro, resident of Warrack Terrace, said: “The concerns expressed regarding the increase in through traffic still stand, and lines of parked vehicles on Warrack Terrace opposite the tennis club are a daily occurrence.

“Perhaps consideration of a one-way system of traffic regulation should be made.

“All residents agree that the provision of a new day care centre at this constrained site needs to be fully thought through in light of the increasing demand for such services from an ageing population profile.”

Neil Smith said: “I wholeheartedly object. The current ambulance station is three metres from my boundary.

“The proposed plan will move the new building to 1.5 metres from my boundary and will be five metres high. This will mean that I have a five metre high building five metres from my main living room window.

“The height and proximity will severely affect the amount of natural daylight in my main living room and create a large shadow over my front garden for a significant part of the day.”

David Darnell said: “The idea that cars will be able to safely manoeuvre into the proposed overspill car parking area is ridiculous. I object on the grounds that it is unsafe and that my fence will be vulnerable to frequent damage.

“The noise of such manoeuvres will disturb our amenity as this is a mere 10 feet from our house. The existing early morning refuse collection from Dorward House is bad enough but revving engines so close is unacceptable. Any vehicle with reversing alarms would be intolerable.”

David Paton, architect for John D Crawford Ltd, said: “The existing day centre is in a former church. The first issue is there is no parking available to the staff and the bus that picks up and collects the elderly who use the facility.

“There is no current look out for the people of the day care centre in the existing facility as the church style windows are too high and let in very little light.

“The main space is the old church hall area, which is hard to heat winter and impossible keep cool in summer, which presents the group with heating issues, including high bills.

“A new facility will include renewable energy, such as solar thermal panels, to alleviate the heating issues.”