Return your Census

MORE than a month on from Scotland’s Census, people in Angus are being reminded they risk a fine of up to £1,000 if they fail to take park.

Nationally the estimated response rate has reached 96 per cent - similar to that of the last census in 2001 - which is mirrored in that of the Dundee and Angus area, which currently stands at 95 per cent.

Anyone who has still to return their questionnaire is urged to do so now before non-compliance officers begin to visit households which have refused to take part. Warning letters have already been sent to around 400 addresses.

Census Director Peter Scrimgeour said: “An estimated response of 96 per cent one month on from census day is very positive, but we continue to accept late questionnaires.

“The census supports the planning and funding of future services. Its statistical results will give the most reliable picture of the whole of Scotland. It is important that we are all included, which is why there is a legal requirement for everyone to fill in the questionnaire.

“To householders who have yet to complete and return their questionnaires, I stress the importance of acting straight away, to avoid the risk of a fine. We sent around 200 warning letters shortly after census day and half of these households have already either returned their questionnaires or asked our helpline for a replacement. We have issued a further 200 letters in the last fortnight.

“We realise that people are busy and appreciate reminders about the census. This is the last moment to act, before members of our non-compliance team start knocking on doors.”