Road conditions in Angus praised

A REPORT by Angus Council’s director of infrastructure services, Eric Lowson, reveals that just over 70 per cent of the roads in Angus are in a satisfactory condition.

This means that Angus roads are above the Scottish average of 63 per cent and are the fifth best in the country overall.

A study found that a backlog of £2.25 billion worth of repairs has built up and there has been a 13 per cent drop in spending on maintenance by local authorities.

It is thought that the value of the backlog in Angus is around £37.9 million.

Mr Lowson said in the report that Angus has the fifth best roads in Scotland out of 32 local authority’s and the funding level for maintaining these roads has risen annually.

The current budget for structural maintenance for roads and pavements for 2011/12 has been set at £6.9 million which is a rise from last year’s £5.8 million.

Mr Lowson said: “With decreasing funding for roads maintenance nationally, there continues to be a real deterioration in the condition of the road network.

“Until this position is reversed there is likely to be a continuing increase in the backlog of road maintenance.”

Audit Scotland, who carried out the initial study, has made numerous recommendations on how local councils can make improvements to the roads in their area. The suggestions will ensure that there is a balance of spending between repairs, winter maintenance and structural projects.

Mr Lowson is certain that the local authority is making progress in its asset management system. He said: “The winter of 2010/11 has again illustrated the difficulties in setting budgets for winter services and the reactive maintenance for subsequent repairs.”