Road safety issues at Academy worry reader

AN ANGRY reader has contacted us via the newspaper’s Facebook page, after being outraged by road safety matters outside the Academy.

Tracy Smith wrote: “What is it going to take for the drivers in Montrose, who do drops at Montrose Academy (one of them a bus driver, who obviously got his licence off the back of a cornflakes box) to realise what a lollipop lady actually means on the road?

“I’ve just witnessed three cars and a bus ignore the lollipop lady who was in the middle of the road, and come out of the junction when there was a woman with a pram and a young boy trying to cross the road.

“The drivers are lucky the boy didn’t cross when he saw the lollipop lady was in the middle of the road.

“I felt like jumping out of my car and giving them what for. Makes me so angry, because they’ve done it to me, too.”

Liz Burden commented: “I remember when I started the Academy that a girl was knocked down by a bus right outside it.”

Tayside Police told us that they would encourage anyone who sees that they feel to be dangerous driving to contact them with details of vehicle(s) involved, time and location, on 0300 111 2222.

And if you feel that drivers are not respecting school crossing officers, let us know, on 01674 672605, e-mail or comment on Facebook.